Home Schooling 

In light of the school closures, many parents are facing the prospect of homeschooling their children.
Home schooling can be a fantastic experience and both parents and students, however the transition to homeschooling can be challenging. We have compiled a range of resources to support you.
Kindergarten Classroom
Have Fun

Structure is really important to keep students active, engaged and happy. Following a daily timetable will help to provide children with a positive and purposeful environment.

We have created an example of a fully resourced timetable for you to download.

Don't worry about trying to fill up your Childs day with curriculum based "education", learning at home is a much more intense experience. for example when I tutor one to one I can get through 3 times the content I would in the classroom. 2 hours for primary and 3 hours for secondary is enough per day.  

Education isn't just curriculum based, use this time to teach children how to cook, grow their own veg or sing and dance.


There are hundreds of resources that are fantastic for homeschooling, far too many to list here. Having hundreds of resources to trawl through can be overwhelming, The schedule above contains some resources that are easy to use to get you started. Follow our facebook page for more information or get in touch if you would like one of our tutors to support your child with a more personalised programme. 

The next few weeks will be challenging as we get used to being more socially isolated with less freedom. a few winters to help balance your well being over this time;

  • Remain active as possible- there are loads of free exercise activities you can do in your own home.

  •  stay in touch regularly with friends and family via the phone, social media or FaceTime etc

  • keep to a timetable try to get up at the same time each day and go to bed at sensible time.